General Pants Bourke St Store Opening


Storepro’s collaboration with General Pants on their Jerseys new Bourke St store has seen cheap nba jerseys the brand move away from the lush wall-gardens and babe raw exposed timber that previously gave the stores a strong, earthy aesthetic. In it’s place, General wholesale jerseys Pants has stripped back the nature-oriented wildness and become a nest And of urban art and industrial design.

Polished concrete and steel panels are punctured with exposed bolts and line the open space on each wall, while product hangs ‘front facing’, creating sleek, black scaffold-style displays. Clothes are elevated, becoming ‘works of cheap jerseys design’ in their own right.

As a finishing touch, in homage to the tags and scribbles of street art that web across Melbourne’s laneway walls, artist Mayonaize was commissioned to lace the store’s interior with his unique calligraphic style of spray painting, as MuhmadEmad fluid and energetic as the vibe in-store.