We believe that in order to deliver the best projects for our clients, we must understand the overarching trends occurring globally across consumers and the way we use built environments. We collate all of our thoughts here, for you to read and discuss.

How car dealerships are wielding innovative in-store customer-experiences

Car dealerships are a retail format that is outdated and failing. Difficult times are leading car brands to create innovative in-store customer experiences.


How AR and VR are shaking up retail environments and shopper experiences

Retail is a dynamic industry, driven by market forces but also by the needs of customers. As demographics shift and new technology is introduced, bricks and mortar retailers are challenged to stay responsive and keep adapting to compete with their online counterparts.


Going green: How sustainability in retail can begin with the store itself (PART 2)

Last month on the blog, we brought you the first in our two-part series on sustainability in shopfitting. In this final instalment, we’re continuing the theme with a look at what shopfitters can do to facilitate and advocate for sustainability principles in retail environments.


Going green: How sustainability in retail can begin with the store itself (PART 1)

Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips in retail at the moment, both online and off. Long before the doors open to customers, sustainability can be a driving force and key consideration for retailers planning a new store. With guidance, sustainability principles can be embedded right from the design stage and carried all the way through construction and fit out.


The importance of creating communities in shopping centres

Is the golden age of shopping centres over or can bricks and mortar retail hubs still compete with the online giants? They can, says Storepro’s Shane Young, but they’ve got some work to do…


Retail – Brand & Physical store

In omni-channel retailing, physical stores have become all the more important, both for retailers and for wholesalers – as a means of establishing and promoting their brand in the marketplace. Here, we are talking about “Brand” in its deepest sense – not just a name or a label, but the set of values and expectations; lifestyle and perhaps even world view embodied in a true brand. People want to be part of the world of a true brand. Think about R.M. Williams, or Lululemon or Ralph Lauren.