Sustainable Solutions

Storepro brings our commitment to upholding sustainability in principle and practice to every project we undertake.

For you, this means less wastage – we look for ways to reuse and recycle materials, or source recycled materials to use in your build. This can also help minimise the project costs and footprint, and add value for you. It is also an opportunity to showcase and stay true to your brand's sustainable values and purpose within your brick and mortar space.

We’re mindful of the impact we’re having on the environment on both micro and macro levels. As individuals, we consider it our responsibility to factor sustainability concerns into your project at the conceptual and planning stages.

This responsibility continues on site, with all team members encouraged to operate with reference to sustainability principles, considering efficient uses of water and energy and making sure your project is executed with respect for the environment it will become a part of.

Storepro - Sustainable Solutions


Throughout the de-fit process, we consider each element of the space to identify what materials, fittings and fixtures can be recycled or salvaged and repurposed. Waste is inevitable in a shop de-fit, but we always look for opportunities to minimise the amount that gets sent to landfill and decrease costs associated with waste disposal.

There’s always a high demand for salvaged and reclaimed materials liked wood. A wide variety of construction materials are also recyclable; including ceramic, porcelain, stone tiles, metals, paper, glass, plastic, wood, concrete and plasterboard.

Many waste management initiatives even offer money in exchange for scrap metal fixtures that can’t be salvaged. Fittings and fixtures such as furniture, shelving, counters, racks and display units can be refurbished and used in the new fit-out or resold.


There are endless opportunities for brands looking to create more eco-conscious spaces. Storepro is able to source sustainable, recycled and eco-friendly building materials, fittings and fixtures without compromising on style, functionality, quality and aesthetics.  

When envisioning your project we can incorporate the reconditioning of exiting fixtures and the reupholstering of existing furniture to suit your new environment. Reclaimed timber can be used for any joinery needs and digital displays can eliminate the need for paper.

Using refurbished, reclaimed or recycled materials can greatly minimise the cost of a fit-out while reducing your impact on the environment.

Sustainable project examples

With offices, workshops and warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and China, our strategically placed facilities assist us in delivering tailor made, cost effective solutions for our clients.
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