A state of the art coffee roasting facility lands in Brunswick

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July 31, 2017
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February 6, 2018

A state of the art coffee roasting facility lands in Brunswick

Storepro partnered with YourCoffee to deliver a new specialty contract coffee roasting facility, with a state of the art design that comprises an office, factory and presentation room. YourCoffee’s difference is their ability to produce specialty coffee that although micro batch roasted, can be scaled into commercial amounts.

The team at YourCoffee are committed to being open and transparent throughout the roasting process, and the design of their space had to reflect that. The end product is an interactive experience that centres around the roasting process, with each room of the building having a view out onto the factory floor. This allows staff, visitors and customers to always be connected to the product and process, from raw to roasting, packaging, delivery and beyond.

YourCoffee fitout

The building itself presented as dilapidated and not structurally sound, meaning Storepro had to work closely with the client to strategically introduce structural engineering as required, without compromising design intent. The presentation room, offices and cupping room boast feature doors, windows and ceilings, made of solid cedar wood and bespoke on-site finishing.

The bespoke design elements by coordinated by Storepro throughout the project were vast, and included the full size gantry and walkway, new AC mechanical/fire engineering and the restructuring of mezzanine floors. Storepro also coordinated the commissioning of specialised coffee roasting machinery from the USA, not seen anywhere else in Australia.

YourCoffee industrial space

By overcoming compliance restraints without compromising design ambition or exceeding budget, Storepro was able to deliver a space that is reflective of the quality and dedicated operations of this unique brand; and we thoroughly look forward to collaborating on more upcoming projects together.

See the project update and images here